Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utopia of life... were born ...and start growing up, you are happy because you do not know the difficulties of life yet, you go to school and make friends, later you graduate an important university , yet you have more friends who are always there for you ,you have a great family who supports you, you meet a nice woman/men always ready to give anything for you , you get married  ,  you buy a nice house , you drive a fancy car, you have a great job,you become the best in your field,  you have money,you have enough time to spend with friends, you have fame, some envy you for what you are, maybe you are very talented and you show it to everyone, you have the posibility to see the whole world ,you have/can have kids and live a happy life... you can be whatever you want and whenever you want ....and yet....there is that something....that you really want,from the bottom of your heart... that you would give anything you have in the present to get it, but nobody understands you, because you have a free spirit, and think different than others;  because something needs to change and yet you have no ideea how to achieve more...maybe your aspirations are too high ...what is important in life? having it all? what if being happy means something else, go to an island, live close to the nature, learn to new people, learn new things, return to the basics...what if things were different....why does this seem impossible sometimes and come everytime we have something  we really want, life gives us new opportunities and ,like always, we want more and more.

The answer is...follow your heart. Think about what you want and how you can achieve it without hurting the ones around you. Be free but in a carefull way. Some cross the line to be happy, and they succeed, some don't , as they care more about others that they are putting themselves on the second place,wodering for the rest of their lives "what if..."

True is, this is the utopia of life, it is a round circle, neverending story, you want something, you have it, and then you want more, because you know you can , because you are strong and because you deserve it.

The song bellow doesn't have anything to do with the utopia of life :) but I remembered it this week, so I am sharing it with you all as it has a nice message:



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