Thursday, November 15, 2012

Late summer thoughts

It's been a while since my last post ... it is true.
Well, I have been very busy with work and Home improvements ... But because I am really happy today that my new dressing closet has arrived  :) , will share with you some of my Autumn thoughts.

Autumn is actually the beginning of the end ....of the summer of cource. It gets colder and colder, trees loose their leaves, everything is chaotic. I love this season for its colors, yellow and red colors everywhere.Some people get depressed during autumn because of the changes .  I actually do not have time to think anymore :) I belive there is something that is sucking up all my thoughts lately.... which is not a bad thing, but anyway...this weather takes my thoughts at a  poem I wrote  last year,  starting like this :

"A flight above the world to see,
Beyond my biggest fears to be
I stay down...on my knees...and pray
To never let you go away" 

It is actually my favorite poem I wrote so far... with many verses , a nice romance in the shadows as some may say called "Just Strangers " . But as I had good critics for it and  because it is so important for me , I cannot share it on blogger  :)

Anyway, holiday season is near :) I heard this sentence more that 10 times this week.But I am anxious for that great period to come.

Bellow you have a nice song remembering of the summer, "Vara Rece" ("Cold Summer").Any season may be, good thoughts should always follow us.

Peace and love my friends!


Sunday, November 4, 2012


We sometimes feel the past among our present, we don't want it, but we cope with it, we have to let go to be able to move on, but we cannot .It is like the air, being indispensable,everything hurts without it. I guess maturity means sometimes to learn how to deal with life without letting go of the past completely, considering it part of what made us become who we are today.No matter how bad, or good, or how many regrets there are, it was there and it will always remain somewhere deep in the history of our existence.