Sunday, October 14, 2012

Indian Festival in Bucharest

Just a normal Sunday afternoon,too bad  it is raining a lot, but it is the middle of October so, we just have to get used to this. So, I've put on my glasses and decided to share with you all a small part of the experience I had this weekend with  the Indian Festival in Bucharest (IV edition).

The festival was hosted at the "Village Museum" and despide the very bad weather, there were quite many persons there on Saturday to see the products, to watch the traditional or modern dances,to learn new things, or just being driven by curiosity . A really interesting presentation which I took part was in fact the one of Mru Patel, a successful entrepreneur which talked about his holistic principles of life, health and nutrition in terms of Indian Ayurveda and Yoga traditions.

About the traditional products, well, I was in ballance with choosing the spices :)  because there were too many, and so different... and i hate spices .Also, many stalls were selling traditional bracelets or Saaris, which of course could not be missed,and the table of three gentelman which were doing origami flowers from paper captured viewers attention as well.

No matter the age , you could have choosen the creativity workshop,course of traditional dances or the Saari story.


Have a great week!



  1. Honey, do you really want to do that, don't you? :)

  2. But of cource :) Just that the route will be a little different