Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn fragrance...

I came across a very nice movie a few days ago , and the following phrase got stuck in my mind:

"Things will be alright in the end, and if they are not alright yet, then it is not the end"

It is a true fact in all possible ways, and we cannot argue about this. I have no statement against it, and yet, I am can things be right in the end , having no exceptions.....It is like wanting something that you know it is less than 1% chance you will ever achieve it, and yet....believing that things will be alright will bring a different end to it than it is already planned? I got confused, because leaving my optimism behind, we are realistic persons...and some things cannot be achieved, it is impossible, no matter how bad we want....(yes, there goes my optimism). There comes a time when we wake up from the dream and realize that... if the statement is completely true, then we will have no end to some very important facts in our life.

But yet, beyond this, I remember a dear friend that said something like this : "trust God if you don't trust yourself and you will succeed" (I do not remember exactly all the words in the phrase, but aprox)

Well, I guess he was right, I think we are debating too much about hypothetical quotes; because in the end, things will be as they have to be.... yes, we want things, we pray for things to be, to happen, sometimes they do, sometimes they don' is not the end of the world. We should stick to the faith....this is the only way to be able to say "Things will be alright in the end"

Leaving the "Fall Astenia" thoughts behind, I am sure you're all excited as the weekend just started. Looking forward to the recipe I will prepare and post this Sunday :)  It will be a premiere ;)



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