Sunday, October 7, 2012

Me,myself and I

The post today should have been about „Chocolate mousse”, a really easy and tasty recipe I’ve done today. Easy to do but I guess you can find the recipe all over the internet in different sizes or shapes, so, instead posting the „Sunday’s recipe”  I started to wonder about myself . When do we still have time to contemplate over us alone when this life is so crazy and the days pass so fast, we’re too busy with work and other daily problems that we sometimes forget about entities.

It is true that sometimes we get sick of everything and just want to be with ourselves,try to detach of the so-called day by day life. We don’t want to hear no one,we want to meditate only over what we want not over what others want for ourselves. Sometimes we start to feel trapped in a world that we do not recognize anymore, years have passed , people changed, we're all grown up now and yet,we want to feel alone again from time to time,even if it is just for 5 minutes, we want our free time back.

Old habits never die,they are just repolished, but are wide awake within our spirit. We should never give up on our dreams ,our hobbies, for nothing and for no one. Is true what they say "who loves you,accepts you the way you are".

Certain thing is, no matter how many people we meet or what life offers us each day , we often want to be only with ourselves,reflect over our life and priorities ,measuring the next cource of action , or just... enjoying a day alone . No phone, no laptop or internet, no TV... just us ...and maybe a Cosmopolitan :) and a good book to read in silence , that would be nice ...and yet, it is so hard lately to find time for this.

We are also so concerned in making a perfect life for us that we forget what we wanted in the first place.

Stop expecting something to look like what you have always thought it will look like, cause then, you might wait forever. Sometimes, we have to make compromisis to have it all, or at least most of it.
Not that I am a person which is happy to have 50% of something done, I am a perfectionist who shapes her strengths with each passing day. There are certain moments in life ,key moments , that change you forever, and you cannot go back no matter how hard you want to, but you have to move forward with your head up.

So, it is good, just from time to time, as often or as rare as we can, to loose the mask we have daily and just be with ourselves,alone,somewhere...wake up from this routine, cause if we don’t, we may end up sleeping at the wheel ..

Have a great week everyone!


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