Friday, August 31, 2012


...if you search for a deffinition, you will see that a Word  „is the smallest element that may be uttered in isolation with semantic or pragmatic content (with literal or practical meaning)”.

Why is it that we talk so much? It’s something like wanting to share everything with someone, tell them (him/her) what we feel , wanting them to be part of our experience and in the same time... do not let them know our fears and flaws, so we can look strong and powerfull in front of everybody even if we are hurt, we are down,we have so many problems...

We talk each day with so many people, at work, while shopping, with our family, with our friends, each time words come out differently, depending on what we want to express. (read more)

But there is another category of people we talk to...with whom we cannot pretend to be someone else, when we share our deepest secrets, speak about anything  and do not feel bad by doing so, to  which we have no fear of sharing comes the best part....with which we talk so easily that we do not feel time passing by.  These are the special ones, if you search around you , you’ll be surprised that there are not too many.

And why do they stay around us when we have so many problems and talk so much each day ? Well, they just do...because we are part of their life and they are part of ours ... cannot deny it, it is a true thing. matter the language, they express exactly what you want them to...bringing people closer one to another..seems insignificant but in fact, words define us, and if you use them carefully, you may succeed...

Below you have a really nice song by Anna Nalick defining love in her own words :)



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