Friday, August 24, 2012


There will always be someone...that someone interesting that makes the life more vibrant each and every day, could be the person that sings in a band , could be the new lab partner, could be a total stranger that you see every day in the metro...and also, it could be your coleague, the good guy always willing to help you asking nothing in return... tall or short, fat or slim.... the thing is...there will always be that someone who is making your days brighter and nicer ... he is there ,somewhere next to you, just that you need to see it, and maybe then you will realize that your priorities in life should be different.

There are many people upset with life , searching in vain for their soulmate, some get married but never get to know real love, even if at the beginning they feel like it, everything appears to be just a flame of passion, which gets lost with time. The truth is that no one can say exactly if a soulmate exists until (and if) they find it , I belive that if you are taking the right decision at the right time, you can get cought up in the vortex of life, where only the strong ones manage to survive, couples break up, families get torn apart , just because you made a cautious decision some long time ago, and followed „the right way” instead of following your dreams and your heart. You should take risks in order to be able to achieve what you really want.

Yes, this is an utopia of life, one day you feel you’re the king of the world and the next thing you know, you fall deeper then you were when you started to climb the steps. What to do then? Well... you have to keep walking, never give up, be a fighter, indeed life is hard sometimes, and most of the times all the bad things come together, tragedies happen all the time, you begin to think that you were cursed,that life has no meaning, that you will never become what you want and the whole nature is plotting against your existence.... you feel so small ...but you don’t realize that actually there is someone....someone who is willing to take a chance and share your problems, not to follow the rules ,and to help you overcome this battle you have inside....

Just look deeper...For every problem there is a resolution, after every storm the sun will rise, after every tear a smile will come. Just think of it and take the chance, to avoid asking yourself „what if” in the future.


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