Wednesday, August 29, 2012


...a great factor involved in our lives, struggling to compete with our desires and hopes and in the end, defeating our plans with just seconds before trying to complete them.

Time...comes and goes, it is never enough, it is always following us with just one step behind, and most of the times, exceeds us. Why isn’t there enough time, why is it so volatile...why does it feel like it is less and less time for anything ?

True fact is that we can make time to do everything we want... if we really want to , we can force ourselves to fight it and conquer, but for this , we have to really want to achieve something,and this means...from the bottom of the heart.

No, it is really wrong to leave yourself behind for the joy and happiness of others, if you want something, do not wait forever, time is flying, it comes close to you ,round and round, smiles at you and is gone before you know it. There is nothing that can stay in your way when you are decided to do it, try to liberate your spirit and think outside the box .

If you want to fly, go and rent a plane/helicopter/paragliding ...and fulfil your dream, if you want to dive, go and dive into the deepest ocean and see all its mysteries, if you want to discover the world, do not waste your time on shopping city breaks, there are so many exotic destinations, beautiful places that you never dreamed they exist ...go there, see it and learn from it that life is too short to wait forever for something to fall from the sky ... Or at least this is what I would /will do.

We are so small and yet so big, as we have the power to decide, and time.... time can be defeated, just belive in yourself and remember that time flies, it is not waiting for you to have courage to lift up, to speak, to run or hide, but when you decide to do it, you will notice that all the nature will conspire to help you accomplish your dream. As odd as it may seems, this is true.

So, what are you waiting for? Remember time is flying...


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