Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend work

...23:51 EET........Weekend Work  is finally over ...I will  be able to sleep after a painfull weekend :)  (yeey)

This was  indeed a hectic one, I am not sure how I always get only the shifts full of escalated problems , so that all the analists will hate me forever  , because I need to be straight and demand things from them or escalate them  >:) . I woke up at 5 AM this morning, not because I had to, but because a really really "nice" person who did not check the timezone I work on called like 4 or 5 times , leaving blank voice mails (this was the part where I got least he could have said something)   A silly badluck is just the job, and also, this is something I am very good at and love to do it , so..... you can guess the conclusion.

Funny how I was so mad at the beginning of this day, that I had in mind posting something different , but, luckly ,good things happen to good people, so all the problems got sorted out just fine.
Good thing about today was that everybody was, in the end, really  amiable, and I also learned a new quote from a nice coleague : "when something cannot be avoided, enjoy it" .  This is a really good quote actually :)

Second good thing today was the coffee, really tasty Lavazza Expresso , with a delicious sweet roll with vanilla filling next to it ...could not ask for more:)..

So, in the end, I am happy that the weekend work is over, unfortunately I was not able to do anything for myself, three hours ago I was so close to "close the call" , but some new escalations came and...that is life... A good job reputation comes with sacrifices sometimes .... it is strange how I started to enjoy every minute in working non-stop :)  (I'm becoming a workahollic ) but hey, there are brand new weekends yet to come. And who knows what interesting things this new week will bring...I have a good feeling about this ;)

Before sleeping, here is a really nice song for a perfect ending of this day ...which was far from being perfect....



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