Monday, September 24, 2012

My Poem...

New week, sun is up , so , I decided today to post on blogger  the last poem I wrote  ,during my summer vacation this year (yeah, I know, it took me 1 month to decide  if I should post this or not) .  It is shorter than my usual poems, but it is a strange combination of feelings .You will notice a special and in the same time,different shade in it.

But the important thing is that I found the inspiration  (yeeey)  ...I usually have to be upset or sad to write , my close ones know this :)

As I allready received some good  feedback about it , I am ok with sharing it to you all ,waiting for the impressions (Especially from my dear coleagues from work who requested new poems :)  )

So, here it is , random title of the poem (until I find a better one) ,  Hectic :  (click read more to read  it)

                                                 by Rxnk

                              To be apart ...or to be close,
                              To say the words or lie the most,
                              What is indeed a better truth
                              To understand the signs from you?

                              You may be sick, you may be fine,
                              You may be fat, or bold, or blind
                              For not believing that for me
                              You always'll always be....

                              There is a crazy world around,
                              A world with hate, where tears are drowned;
                              A world with love and kindness too;
                              The world where I first fell for you.
                              I do not know the way you smile
                              Or if you ever speak in rhymes ;
                              I do not care if you are weak,
                              Or if you like the way I speak;

                              I do not know, nor understand
                              How can we be more than just friends
                              But I forget this savage truth
                              Whenever I'm thinking of you.

                              A hectic world....that's what this is...
                              We feel we're young,and wild, and free;
                              Oh! How I wish for just this day
                               To forget we're so far away....

                              So , there's no end, there's no good bye.
                              I cannot leave and will not hide.
                              But'll remain the missing part
                              I always searched for in my heart.

                                        (    The end :)  )

Have a great week !


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