Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hopes and dreams

Hope and dreams....these are all we got when things go rough between day and night, when sun seems to fade away even if we see it more bright then ever,  when we cannot see the moon even if it is right in front of us .  Because life was not made to be fare, to be nice or was made to teach us something and give us all a purpose...we are all on this planet with a well defined aim.

We always hope for better and wish to succeed, to be the best, to climb the highest steps....well....

Lately i seem to find myself gaze into vacancy , think that hopes and dreams do not always mix, we want something, we wish for something else .....they are different and somehow only very few times the hopes may combine with the dreams .

You may be screaming of happiness  one moment and the next moment fall, because you realize life is not is not ...that is the ideea , no one said it will be fare, we can only hope for the best and dream that someday that "best" will happen.

What makes us better with time is yet an unknown force that always gives us the power to get up whenever we are down, and move forward. We do not want to remain down because we may miss the most important things in our lives...and matter how we fight, there are some persons that will always stick close to you, like a just need to realize that things will never change, the world changes, the weather changes, we change the clothes, the haircut , the job....we change everything .....the only thing that remains the same is a heart that loves ....and love will always be there.

Dreaming only lasts until you wake up and you find you're not asleep ...Silence only sticks around 'til someone in the room decides to speak ..... but dear Val last a lifetime ....


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