Monday, December 3, 2012

Early Christmas Spirit

Finally December, my favorite month .Some say it may be because of the holidays, some because of the sence you get when wondering around the street ,seeing lots and lots of sparkling lights and decorated trees.
I say this because , it is only 3rd December and I am allready so Happy :)

Yes, this must be it. Happiness has different formes and shapes, you may be happy from small or big reasons , you may seek happiness where you never thought before and also find it everywhere when you least expect. I found the hapiness this week since the first hour of this morning :)

As many people do not know where to search for happiness, some have too much and cannot apreciate the important things in life. Yeah, back to the Utopia of life :) Neverending circle.

Still waiting for the snow, but the holiday spirit is allready here.Listening to Lana Del Rey  - Serial Killer  , and drinking a hot chocolate .... and the happiness ? is here... cannot ask for more right now


P.S.  I forgot the song :))

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