Sunday, November 4, 2012


We sometimes feel the past among our present, we don't want it, but we cope with it, we have to let go to be able to move on, but we cannot .It is like the air, being indispensable,everything hurts without it. I guess maturity means sometimes to learn how to deal with life without letting go of the past completely, considering it part of what made us become who we are today.No matter how bad, or good, or how many regrets there are, it was there and it will always remain somewhere deep in the history of our existence.
There are moments in life that deffine us , even if we hate talking about it  , there are things to which we are attached even if for others it makes no sence .There are  persons that go trough rough tragedies, but moving on will never erase the memory of the worst moments of their lifes that formed their personatily in the end.There are also people that fall in love and then break up after a certain time without understanding what hold them together for so long,and still have deep feelings after a big number of years.

It is like running away in circle, every time you want to let go, you somehow go back and get reattached.

I belive that everything in life happens for a reason. Good or bad, they are all part of the "big plan" reserved for us. Bad news is that this plan is not exactly how we imagine it to be, but yet we can adapt and reshape our wishes and desires from time to time, just to be able to move ahead.Some can move forward, some cannot, this is the worst part, because this is how life is sometimes.

We all have some moments, we wish we could go back and change something sometime in our past, but we cannot ,change facts,apolagise to people we hurted and then let go,stop making mistakes. But life goes on, and on...we cannot stop the time, the only good thing we can do is learn from the past and apply them in the future.

There are people that cannot settle down, searching continuously for the perfect moment, some go insane for it,and never find it.Some do but do not realize it on time. Some are more lucky.

In the most realistic way possible,this post is to remember ourselves each day who we are, how we got here, what we hate ,love and what we cannot let go, what really is that defines us as humans.

Changing the usual rhythm a little, seems like David Guetta is still in the game with the bellow hit, even if it has more than one year since it was released :)

Have a great week!


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